I. Young Leaders

Leaders of SYS associated groups at Saudi universities meet every quarter to address challenges and share aspirations towards making a positive impact at a national level. We believe thatTogether Everyone Achieves More!

To join this program, apply for a group membership here.

Learn about developing a group here


II. Annual Conference

One of our signature programs is hosting an annual gathering of youth-led sustainability groups to empower, cultivate and celebrate achievements. The annual conference features outstanding speakers, workshops, tours, changemaker competition and more.

The inaugural annual conference of Saudi Youth for Sustainability is going to take place on June 19th and 20th, 2022, at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia. The theme of this year’s annual conference is Thriving Together, in which we explore how Saudi youth can be active contributors to vision 2030 through advocacy, education, and technology. Explore the program here.


III. Sustainable Creativity

A training program entitled Sustainable Creativity to create innovative products and services for sustainable development in line with the vision 2030, using creativity tools and sustainable self-training. The Sustainable Creativity program is an opportunity to bring together innovators and the community to thrive together, learn from each other and maximize impact. The program also empowers you to be a coach and spread a good impact by participating in another journey of giving.

This enrichment program comes in partnership with  Jumana bint Khalid bin Abdullah Al Sheikh Hussein, a Saudi female life coach interested in creativity and social innovation, and a PhD researcher in interpretation and Quranic sciences at King Faisal University.


●      Introducing sustainable development goals and the efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in achieving them.

●      Discovering the application of creativity tools in achieving sustainable development goals.

●      Applying  the sustainable awareness product plan using creativity and self training tools

●      Directing participants to spread creativity in achieving sustainable development using educational games

This program is presented in Arabic. Register your interest here.


IV. Active Citizens

The Climate Change Champions program is derived from the active citizens program that evolves within the context and communities that make a real difference. The Global Network of Active Citizens is an opportunity to bring together climate activists committed to a common goal, learn from each other and multiply impact through a united voice and teamwork.

We provide an opportunity to participate in an interactive workshop on active citizenship to create positive change in the local community and join this amazing network.  This two-week enrichment program comes in partnership with the British Council in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

 The workshop covers:

●    Nature, Identities and Cultures

●      You and Me - Climate Change and Dialogue

●      We Are Together - Climate Change, Societies and Ecosystems

●      Social Action - Climate Action

For more information, visit

 This program is presented in Arabic.


V. Energy Voice

Energy Voice aims to provoke Saudi Youth to rethink energy sustainability and its future by hosting a full-day program held at different KSA campuses throughout the year.

The program is led by Mohammed Almomatin & Mojtaba Alshams,  young engineers completing their graduate studies at KAUST,  and initiated and organized by the Saudi Arabia Section of the Combustion Institute and The Saudi Youth for Sustainability.

Being your Voice up! We encourage you to apply to be a  panelist if you are:

  • Passionate about the intersection of energy, environment, and economy?
  • A university student or a professional younger than 35 years old?
  • Informed about the future technologies of energy?
  • Enjoy negotiations and thought exchange?


VI. Sustainable Oral Healthcare Initiative

The Saudi Sustainable Oral Healthcare (SSOH) initiative is the first initiative in the Gulf and the Middle East region to focus on sustainability in oral healthcare. The initiative was launched in partnership with King Abdullah University for Science and Technology (KAUST) through the Saudi Youth for Sustainability (SYS).

Aligning with the goals of the United Nations, the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Dental Federation (FDI), and the national Saudi Vision 2030, the initiative aims to improve oral health in Saudi Arabia by promoting sustainable practices, prevention culture, and equitable access to quality care while emphasizing environmental responsibility. The initiative targets all stakeholders, including students, educators, healthcare professionals, healthcare industries, government entities, non-profit organizations and the general public.

The initiative is led by Dr Hasan Jamal, a specialist, an assistant professor in Paediatric Dentistry, a member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and a member of the Sustainability Task Team at the FDI World Dental Federation. He received his first master’s degree in Regenerative dentistry (from King’s College London) and his second master’s degree in Biomaterials (from Queen Mary University in London). He received his Clinical Doctorate in pediatric dentistry from University College London. He published several studies in prestigious journals and has been a keynote speaker at national and international conferences.


VII. SYS Special Talks

The  SYS Special Talks was launched in tandem with COP27 and SGIF with an aim to inspire actions through intellectual exchange across generations on trending issues of sustainability.










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